Idea #7:Let There Be (Lamp) Light

Here’s some of our favorite lamps, ranging in price from $100 to $129 to $299 to $619. Can you guess which is which?

In general, we love to use tall lamps (28″h or more)  that make it easy to read under. But I do so love the bird-and-twig bedside lamp! It’s only 18″ tall. What’s that saying about “the exception proves the rule?”

Sorry you can’t see the floor lamp better; I don’t know what’s with that photo. But it has two lights, one a standard but great-looking leather lamp shade and a second light, that wonderful amber pine cone, for mood lighting. So pretty at night! The barley-twist lamp base is quite spectacular, too.

And those prices? From left to right, the Dick Idol Pinecone Floor Lamp is $299,  the hammered metal pot lamp from Lamps Plus is $129, the Fossil Anahaw Leaf Lamp from Palecek is $619 (check out and zoom in on this lamp base — it’s truly spectacular), and Pottery Barn’s cute little bird lamp is $100. Here’s another try at that floor lamp.

There. That’s better.

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Date: Wednesday, 27. October 2010 16:17
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